Our secret: the short supply chain

It is often thought that buying a branded mass-product jewel is cheaper than buying an artisan creation, maybe even customized.

supply chain

The Industrial Route

The production phases of an “industrial” jewel from the purchase of the raw materials to the sale inevitably affects the final cost of the product, which is recharged throughout its entire supply chain – raw materials, factory, wholesaler, retailer, shop and final customer – and for this reason it is never cheaper than an artisan creation.


Raw materials










Final customer

Gioielli di Valenza
supply chain

Short supply chain means quality

Offers you creations with short supply chain: that cuts the productions phases – raw materials, lab and final customer – maintaining the same quality standards. The gems are chosen by our staff, brought to our lab and set on original frames made by our master goldsmiths. There are no intermediaries and that allows us to offer you high quality jewels at a more competitive price.


Raw materials


Gioielli di Valenza


Final customer

Just one dream away

GDV’s creations turn your dreams into reality and hold a huge value in themselves: an innate value, given by the materials carefully selected and used to create them – precious metals and gems – by design and skilful hand of the master goldsmith, and an emotional value, when purchased and gifted for your special occasion.

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