Gioielli di Valenza gives you the chance to invest both in gold and in diamonds. 

Concerning diamonds, these are perfect gifts, usually bought to donate something peculiar: the diamonds are wrapped into blisters and provided with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI), which explains all the features of the diamond and attempts its truthfulness. 

The high value of the investment diamonds comes from the difficulty of finding them on a large scale. As a general rule the harder it is to find them, the higher is their value. 

Nowadays, since the high risk of stock investments, the uncertainty of  bond yields, and the general difficulty of getting good returns, investing in diamonds seems to be more attractive than traditional savings management or financial investment formulas.

How to invest in diamonds?

In order to invest in diamonds properly, you need to take the 4C rule into account: carat; color; cut; clarity.

These are the most important elements to consider to evaluate the quality of a diamond and understand if it could lead to great returns.


The carat indicates the diamond weight: it is more or less equal to 0,2 grams and it is the first element that sets the diamond price. 

In this case you need to be careful because the price needs to be related to the diamond clarity more than to its largeness, since there isn’t a correspondence between carats and diamond diameter.


The color refers to the transparency of the gemstone.  The clearer it is, the higher the gemstone’s clarity and its value. It’s important to know that exists a diamond color scale, which goes from D (extra white/colorless) to M/Z (color saturated).

The coloured gemstones are not to reject: indeed, their particular color is also a piece of  singleness and rareness.


The cut of a diamond is a really important element to estimate its quality, even if in this case it is strictly connected to the engraver work and not to a natural feature of the gemstone. The cut is evaluated as well on the basis of a scale based on polish and symmetry that goes from excellent to poor.


Clarity has an evaluation scale that estimates the possible internal imperfections, such as cracks or color inequality: these little defects devalue the diamond. 

Anyway don’t take this affirmation too strictly: it is absolutely normal to find little imperfections in diamonds. Perfect diamonds are really rare.

Investing in diamonds: taxation

The diamonds are subject to VAT tax, so the unique initial cost is 22% (i.e. for Italy).

This initial cost cannot be regained at the resale and that is the reason why it is advisable to wait some time before reselling the diamond, so that you could soften the cost. 

Moreover it is important to know that the diamonds are almost free from taxations and that they are not included in the hereditary assets

Is it worth it to invest in diamonds?

Let’s start by saying that diamonds are worldwide appreciated gemstones, rare and precious materials, which could have a huge value and therefore be considered as safe investments by investors, equal to raw materials and included in the shelter goods. This means that it is a durable good not influenced by some external factors, such as inflation. 

Diamonds are also lasting materials that don’t deteriorate, preserve their shape over time and are included in the alternative investments

Investing in certified diamonds

Only the diamonds with a certificate of authenticity emitted by a gemological Institute have a financial value. 

The certificate attests that the diamond with a carat weight, which could vary from half carat to 2 carats, has been evaluated according to the 4C scale (carat, clarity, color, cut).

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